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Custom Bird Bag

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Create a unique, one-of-a-kind bag with Custom Bird Bag. Choose from the classic shapes of rectangle, circle, or heart and add your own personal mementos for a truly bespoke bag. You can even provide favorite colors to create a completely customized design. Custom orders take approximately 3-4 weeks to craft and cost $250. Get the bag of your dreams and add your own unique touches with Custom Bird Bag.

Introducing the Custom Bird Bag: Where Your Memories Take Center Stage

Discover the extraordinary with the Custom Bird Bag, a one-of-a-kind creation that transforms your cherished mementos and memories into a wearable work of art. 

Design Your Story: Choose from three shapes—rectangle, circle, or heart—to serve as the canvas for your custom bag. Each shape offers its own unique charm, allowing you to express your personality and preferences.

Your Treasures, Our Canvas: The magic of the Custom Bird Bag lies in its ability to incorporate your treasured possessions. Whether it's old jewelry with sentimental value, concert tickets that hold cherished memories, or any memento close to your heart, we invite you to send them in. These items will become an integral part of your bag's design, ensuring it carries a piece of your history wherever you go.

Color Your World: Select your favorite colors to infuse into the design, or entrust our talented artisans to craft a bag that captures the essence of your unique style. Whether you prefer vibrant hues that pop or subtle shades that soothe, your vision will come to life.

Memories in Frozen Epoxy: Bird pours her passion and expertise into every step of the process. From meticulously arranging your mementos to applying the epoxy resin with care, your Custom Bird Bag is a labor of love that takes approximately 3 weeks to a month to complete.

Tailored for You: Each Custom Bird Bag is a bespoke creation, as unique as your fingerprint. Priced at $250, it's an investment in a wearable masterpiece that tells your story like no other accessory can.

Unleash Your Imagination: With the Custom Bird Bag, the possibilities are endless. You can choose every detail or grant Bird the creative freedom to craft a bag that surprises and delights you.

Elevate your style and carry your memories with pride—order your Custom Bird Bag today and embark on a wearable adventure that's as individual as you are.